Mary Higgins Clark Interview: On writing and memory

Most writers can only dream about Mary Higgins Clark’s success. Dubbed the “Queen of Suspense,” Clark is a bestselling author in both the United States and Europe. Best known for mystery and suspense, she’s one of those gifted people that can keep a reader turning pages until 4 in the morning.

I chatted with her on behalf of the Observer Tribune this week. We talked about her new book, “Daddy Goes a Hunting,” and her writing process. She’s coming to Mendham Books on Sunday, April 14 to hold a book signing.

For Clark, the most important thing about writing is the “DNA of the book,” or the overriding theme.

The DNA of “Daddy Goes A Hunting” is memory, she said — and just how unreliable it can be. As the murder mystery plot unravels, it’s clear that past memories recalled by the main character are not as trustworthy as she once assumed.